Know Your Basic Human Rights

The United Nations has mentioned 30 basic human rights, which is still unknown to many after 68 years.  Human Rights sound familiar to almost anyone, but most people don’t know what it means. The term “rights” is synonymous with something a person can do freely, or something he can have because he is human. Each person is granted 30 basic human rights. The government in each country is expected to grant its citizen these rights. Here are the first 15 of the 30 basic human rights: 

  1. Each person is born free. He doesn’t owe his right to be free to anybody. He is created with his own body, thoughts, and ideas.
  2. The rights mentioned here are for all. It’s not discriminatory. It doesn’t belong to an exclusive race, nationality, gender, or class of people. Humanrights is for everybody. 
  3. The right to live in a free and safe country.
  4. No one is a slave to anybody. No person can enslave another person.
  5. No person can be hurt or tortured.
  6. Each person has the right to use these laws.
  7. The law is for all. Under the law, everybody is the same. The law must be fair to everyone.
  8. The court of justices must be fair in dealing with the laws. Anybody has the right to ask for help if he thinks the court or its decision is fair.
  9. No one can be detained in prison without valid reason. A person cannot be sent away from his own country.
  10. When a person is charged, he has the right to be tried in public. The judges involved in the trial must be fair and unbiased.
  11. A person in a trial has all the right to defend himself and show what he is being charged for is untrue.
  12. A person has the right to privacy. He can leave in peace without disturbance from other people unless they have very good reason to do so.
  13. Freedom to explore. A person has the right to travel is home country and elsewhere.
  14. The right to asylum. A person who is frightened in his own country can seek refuge in another country to be safe.
  15. The right to be a citizen of a country.

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