About Us

Our legal system is even costlier and more ineffective that you can imagine. This doesn’t stop at the legal system and harms the economy and the state even more than you can imagine. Which is why it’s our duty to protect our system by pinpointing and fighting against abusive laws.

How Do Abusive Laws Work

  • More laws create even more lawsuits.
    Recently we can see more and more laws passed, some of really bad quality. These bad laws will encourage more litigations.
  • Personal injury lawyers become greedy.
    Lawyers heavily advertise lawsuits and their services, claiming that a plaintiff might get a compensation. Lawyers get their money anyway.
  • Plaintiffs start more litigations.
    People file more lawsuits and that creates a serious clutter inside the legal system.
  • Lawyers lobby friendly politicians.
    All that money allows lawyers to fund and lobby politicians that are acting as means to their ends.
  • Politicians encourage more law abuse.
    These newly elected politicians pass more bad laws that produce more law abuse.

Why Do We Care

We find that this is a huge problem in our country and we ought to fight it. There are many reasons why we try to educate the public about abusive laws.

  • They waste your money.
    Lawsuits are crazily expensive and there were many cases when they leave their plaintiffs completely broke. They also encourage the government to spend more of the taxpayers’ money.
  • They stifle the job market.
    New companies don’t open because of some litigations and the ones running are risking too many things.
  • They create clutter.
    This way, some important matters never get done and the whole litigation process takes more time.
  • They antagonize the legal system.
    If there is any trust left in our judicial system it will soon be gone mainly because of these lawsuits.

We believe this has to stop and the only way to do it is by getting public attention to different cases. This is why we exist to teach you about lawsuit abuse and hope that you can help us improve the current situation.