Wacky Lawsuit

Top 5 Wacky Lawsuits

Wacky lawsuits that usually are also abusive, are the scourge of this generation. Not only they harm the legal system, but they also devour taxpayers’ dollars, take a chance of affordable healthcare away and change the minds of the people. To understand the scope of the problem you have to take a look at some of the wackiest lawsuits.

Weird Abusive Lawsuits

  1. A man sued a boy he crashed into while driving.
    Tomas Delgado was driving at night and speeding, hit and killed a 17-year-old boy who was riding a bicycle without a helmet and reflectors. A man then sued the family of that boy for the damage the boy caused to his car. Later, under public pressure, he dropped the litigation. This caused a real uproar in the society.
  2. A businessman sued the homeless.
    Karl Kemp, a business owner or an antique store in New York sued homeless people crowding close to his shop. According to this man, the homeless scared his potential customers away, so he decided to sue them for a million dollars. Apparently, the man didn’t understand that the homeless wouldn’t have anything to pay back with.
  3. A man that sued himself.
    A man who committed a crime later in prison sued himself. Robert Lee Brock claimed that he did a bad thing and violated his religious beliefs and his moral code, so he filed a lawsuit for $5 million. Later, he asked the state to pay for him, as he didn’t have the money. The lawsuit wasn’t accepted later.
  4. An aunt sued her nephew.
    That happened when Jennifer Connell visited the birthday of her 8-year-old nephew, who was so excited to see her that he practically jumped at her as she appeared. The woman fell and broke her wrist, which made her file a lawsuit for $127,000 against the boy. According to her, the boy should have known that his careless actions can be really harmful.
  5. A man sued Starbucks for hot coffee.
    This is not the first hot coffee story, and in this case, a man sued the company for $750,000 for the damage his drink did. One previous case with a woman suing McDonald’s for a cup of too-hot coffee was the face of wacky lawsuits for a long time.

As you see, these cases show how wacky some lawsuits can be. Because of these things, other things can’t get into court and people waste even more time. This creates the impossible amount of clutter and gridlock within the system. This way, you might have to wait for years before you can actually fix your matters.