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Questions to Ask a Lawyer if You’re Thinking About a Divorce

Most of marriage advice books and articles talks about how to save a failing relationship. However, sometimes it’s sensible to know when to let go. If one or both partners refuse to put in the effort to save the marriage, divorce becomes inevitable.  

Getting a divorce or just even thinking about it is traumatic and stressful, it is like getting of a lot tax fraud charges. If you are contemplating on getting a divorce, remember that making an appointment to a divorce lawyer will already be an emotional experience. It helps if you can find a good lawyer who will guide you through the divorce proceedings. A good lawyer can anticipate your questions and will address them whether you ask or not. But if there are specific things you want to  know, write them down ahead of time so you don’t forget to ask. Here are the usual questions being asked a divorce lawyer: 

How long should the divorce proceedings take and much does it cost? 

A lawyer usually does not give you a straight-forward answer to this question. The proceedings usually depend on the cooperation of both parties, as well as to the intricacies of the case. If there is a child custody battle or property issues, a divorce can take a year or longer.  Remember that the charges the lawyers make do not gauge of how good they are. Sometimes, the fees are most often dictated by the firm they represent. 

What is the divorce procedure? 

Every state has different procedures on filing for divorce. Ask your lawyer what is the applicable procedure in your state.  

Can I get the custody of my child/children? 

When there are children involved and you cannot agree on who will retain custody, it is important to note that there are factors that the state judges undertake in deciding which parent to award the custody to. You can ask your lawyer of your chances in obtaining the custody of your children.  

How can we split our marital assets?

Most states has already provided for the scheme in splitting marital assets between spouses. You can ask your lawyer what is the scheme or formula applicable to you in your state. 

What should I be doing now to protect myself?

Make sure to finally ask your lawyer of the immediate actions you should do until you next step. Like, for example, should you pay for child support? How are you going to deal with your joint financial accounts? Asking these questions can save you from immense trouble and substantial amount of money in dealing with your upcoming divorce battle. 

 There are so many questions you can ask a lawyer but in the end, the lawyer you choose must be someone you can trust with some very personal information about yourself and your marriage.